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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Barbeques and the food of friendship

Hi everyone

This is my maiden foray into the blogsphere. I hope to share my love for food and cooking all manner of foods with everyone in cyberspace and would love to hear from all of you! I promise photos in due course once I get my act together.

This being my first post, I thought I'd start with the most fundamental experiences in cooking - the barbeque (it was also, coincidentally, my first time hosting one). I didn't do much cooking incidentally - this barbeque was a team effort.

Living as I do on a sunny tropical island, the farewell barbeque planned for two dear friends and my godson was supposed to be a sure-fire bet. The equally tropical downpour for most of that day set up some anxious moments. However, the heavens smiled on us with enough sunshine subsequently to save the day.

Building the fire fazed my main man. The charcoal pieces were arranged in their tidy tripods but try as we might, the fire, once started, wouldn't continue burning. Cue aforementioned 'friends-in-whose-honour-the-barbeque-was-held' to the rescue. G the barbeque vetran tidied up the charcoal structure, and our fire got going. We threw water-soaked hickory wood chips on the fire for good measure.

I'd ordered great meats from a speciality Brazilian butcher which did not disappoint. Piece after piece of tender, tasty lamb chops, succulent cheese sausages, lip-smacking, juicy steaks were efficiently grilled by a rotating roster of 'chefs' (ie anyone who just could not stuff anymore food into their mouths and had to stand up in order to aid disgestion). If you've never been to a barbeque before, start that fire immediately and slap those meats on. Nothing beats that delicious, slightly burnt woodsmoke flavour of meats that have been grilled over an open flame, not even the most expensive professional grill out there. You might want to ensure provision of some crisp, cold salad to balance all that meat. If you can get your hand on Japanese sweet potatoes, just wrap them in foil, toss them into the coals and ignore them for a few hours - they're just fabulous. Oh and if you can count 'The UnProfessional' Bartenders amongst your friends, get them to concoct lots of sparkling cool, juicy sangria to top it all off.

Sated with meat and alcohol, the most truly satisfying part of barbeques though is the fact that it is best enjoyed amongst the company of good friends. Under that starlit night, laughter and memories filled us more than the overdose of meats combined. So G, J and G, though it's adieu for now, here's to more barbeques!


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