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Friday, October 14, 2005

Cliffhanger cooking

I'm having two girlfriends over for dinner this Saturday and we wanted to whip up something healthy. I settled on miso cod and chocolate tart. Well, at least the fish will be good for us....

I'd never made this miso cod dish before and have to admit that I'm rather nervous about how it will turn out. I first tried it at one of the best restaurants in Singapore, Restaurant Ember at Hotel 1929 - I digress at this point to say 'Try it! Everything's good!'. The chef, Sebastian Ng, kindly revealed to us how to make this dish during a cooking class I attended recently. Charming, engaging and reassuring, he convinced us that this dish was very simple and essentially required just miso, mirin and water to cook the cod. It has to be marinated for at least two days before being roasted in the oven till caramelised and tender.

As usual, what professional chefs carry out with simplicity and ease, the UnProfessional Chef sweats buckets over and creates a right mess in the process. Following Chef Sebastian's explanations, I measured, boiled and cooled the broth while leaving blobs of miso all over my kitchen top. After it had cooled (and I had watched a whole riveting episode of 'Lost'), I slathered it onto the best cod I could find. The chef had strongly recommended using Chilean sea bass, but it's difficult to find these days. I replaced it with snow cod that I picked up at Meidi-ya, a great Japanese supermarket, where I also bought mirin, miso and a round slice of Hokkaido Camembert (the last is not an ingredient for this dish, just the product of a greedy 'end-of-day' supermarket shopping excursion). The result is the rather ugly large glob of broth with uncooked fillets of cod swimming in it, for now.

To respect Chef Sebastian's intellectual property rights in the dish, I'm not going to post the proportions - happy experimenting!

Now I just have to cross my fingers and wait for the concluding episode on Saturday night! Will it work out? Did I successfully boil off all the alcohol in the mirin? Will the change of fish sink this dish? Will Jack find out who murdered Boone? Tune in to find out ....

Restaurant Ember
50 Keong Saik Road
Tel: 63471928 (please call for opening times)

Meidi-ya Japanese Supermarket
177B River Valley Road Riverside
Liang Court
Basement One


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