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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Diva Dining #1

The best thing about having very, very old girlfriends is knowing that it matters far less where we meet to eat than what we meet to talk about. That said, when I met my dearest friends whom I've known for over 17 (!) years tonight, we went to a rather more adventurous than usual place. EN, a Japanese dining bar , or izakaya, was a smoky, cozy, informal place that served up a wide range of sashimi, Okinawan and sumiyaki cuisine.

Hungry but anxious to get straight into catching up and gossip, we ordered quickly, since the nice thing about knowing your dining companions well is being able to delegate that task to just one person and the rest will happily wolf down her choices. Despite being distracted by the fast flowing conversation, we were silenced by the quick arrival of a refreshing multi-variety sashimi salad, juicy wafu steak (cubes of sizzling beef with a fresh side salad), perfectly al dente edamame beans sprinkled with sea salt, flavourful grilled scallops, hot plated tofu steak, agadeshi tofu swimming in soy-based sauce topped with a cheery bright orange ginger and spice, the fattest slice of gindara or grilled cod with teriyaki sauce, bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms, sinfully salty grilled chicken wings and simply salted (again!) shitake mushrooms on a stick. Alongside that were two large portions of the garlic fried rice so tasty, it couldn't have been that good for us.

The food was demolished in half an hour. Dessert was even quicker with four scoops of green tea and sesame ice cream and one black sesame pudding disappearing in 10 minutes.

Let's just say I had to yell 'Stop!' multiple times in order to steal a couple of photos before the food vanished straight down the throats of five hungry (and not very ladylike) divas.

Well, it wasn't the most sophisticated diva dining experience ever, but it certainly hit the spot in satisfying our craving for all things savoury and tasty and brought back fond memories of our schooldays when we had to settle for heavily salted french fries (in the days when our budget only took us as far as fast food joints) to chat over. All too soon, it was time to head back to our non-diva lives of work, families and one hungry baby that needed to be breastfed.

The tastiness of the chatter and food will however remain on our tongues.

EN Japanese Dining Bar
207 River Valley Rd #01-57 Singapore 238275
Tel : 6735 2212


Anonymous jul said...

they serve great sake too!

6:23 PM  
Blogger The UnProfessional Chef said...

I had a grapefruit sour - fresh grapefruit with shochu. It was excellent! If it hadn't been a weekday would definitely had tried the sake too. Thanks for the tip!

12:18 AM  

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