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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday morning brunch

Thank goodness for the weekend – a great time to chill out, take it easy and generally do everything at a slower pace than the frenetic, adrenaline-charged pace of the work week.

Mr UnProfessional Chef and I woke up to an uncharacteristically cool and gentle Saturday morning in the tropics. I say ‘gentle’ because over here we are either otherwise struggling to keep out the blazing sun or battling to avoid being soaked in monsoon thunderstorms. Inspired by the spot of mild weather which reminded me of happy times in the temperate climes of Berkeley, California, we headed off for a slow, relaxing brunch at Sebastien’s, a French bistro in the heart of the quiet residential estate of Greenwood Avenue.

Sebastien’s is a lovely little bistro done up to look as close to a traditional French bistro is possible, complete with red and white checked tablecloths, 1920s French posters and clay ‘Thé au Ceylon’ pots. While the décor borders slightly on the kitschy side, I can think of far worse places to spend one’s Saturday morning. Heartened first by fresh toasted crusty bread alongside a huge pot of strawberry jam that looked and tasted homemade due to the lack of the usual overt sweetness of commercial jam, we were treated to huge bowls of coffee and tea. My coffee grand au lait was just right. Not as strong as expresso but certainly more robust and flavourful than the usual coffee from the office machine, its warm milkiness was a comforting wake-up call most suited for lazy weekend mornings. I also enjoyed the novelty of slurping it out of a huge blue bowl instead of the usual coffee cup.

The menu wasn’t very wide, and seemed to consist mostly of a variety of eggs done in different styles alongside standard servings of sausage, bacon, baked beans and mushroom ragout. Mr UnProfessional Chef selected Eggs Florentine, and I had poached eggs with soldiers. [Note: It actually had a fancy French name that I’ve forgotten and my Internet research turned up nought on this – apparently, it’s not usual for the French to have eggs, sausage and bacon for breakfast!!] Mr UnProfessional Chef’s version was a ramekin of eggs that looked fairly soft-boiled and topped with a few shreds of foie gras. Mine was a served atop a slice of ham and toast with Hollandaise sauce. Both were tasty and suitably sinful when mixed with the homemade sausage (which for once, didn’t taste too processed or salty) and bacon. My poached egg in particular was done just right, nicely tidy and firm on the outside but breaking open to reveal oozy creamy yolk within. All in all, we enjoyed our meal. I wouldn’t say it was the greatest ever breakfast I’ve had (first choice is still a traditional Continental breakfast that we had in France cooked for us by a 2 star Michelin chef in the Loire Valley that contained the most delectable homemade jams, fragrant breads and the creamiest butter ever that I still dream about regularly), but it hit the spot. The eggs and the side dishes were competently cooked and were neither bad nor unusually wonderful – my only complaint though was that they weren’t served as piping hot as I would have liked. But, like I said, no major problems and the lovely atmosphere and opportunity to while away time at the start of a weekend increased the pleasant experience immensely. We’ll be back.

12 Greenwood Ave
Tel : 6465 1980


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