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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ten Reasons Not To Bake Before Breakfast

Upside-Down Biscuit with Apple and Cinnamon

I woke up this Saturday morning feeling bright breezy and ready to tackle a whole list of things I’d planned for the weekend. My penchant for doing five things at the same time made me decide on the, on hindsight suicidal, task of using the two and half hours before I had to head off for a birthday lunch to bake a cake – specifically, a delectable-looking Upside-Down Cake with Apple and Cinnamon from Bills Sydney Food. I decided that to save time, I would skip breakfast (and most importantly, my coffee) and jump straight into action after my shower. What a bad move.

Here are ten reasons why one should not attempt to bake before breakfast:

1. Fresh out of the shower, wet hair (still dripping) and parchment paper do not a good combination make.
2. Eyes are insufficiently focused in the morning and are prone to misreading instructions in the recipe such as ‘four eggs (separated)’ as ‘four egg yolks’, resulting in the tossing out of four egg whites down the sink and discovering too late that said four egg whites are a necessary ingredient.
3. Scrambling for more eggs to supplement tossed egg whites and discovering that there are none, and realising that with Mr UnProfessional Chef (aka sous chef #1) out playing tennis, there is no one available to run to the store for more eggs.
4. Having to adapt recipe to cope with lack of egg whites resulting in having to pour back already measured plain flour and replacing it with self-raising flour.
5. Spilling said plain flour over entire kitchen due to pre-caffeine lack of dexterity in the hands.
6. Having to fly blind and stressing out about whether cake will rise by replacing plain flour with self-raising flour.
7. Realising that the rising of the cake is the least of one’s concern when resulting dough, sans egg whites, is unpromisingly dry.
8. Thanks to unfueled brain, forgetting to preheat the oven, hence resulting in further delay and wondering if one will make it in time for one’s lunch appointment.
9. In stressed-out frame of mind, not having the common sense to realise that caramel sauce in bottom of springform pan plus heat of oven equals drips through edges of said pan and therefore omitting to place parchment paper below pan to catch the drips.
10. Producing an Upside-Down Biscuit with Apple and Cinnamon instead of Cake as a result of said screw-ups in attempts to follow recipe.

Well, the end result, as you can see from the picture, wasn’t all that bad, but the thought of what it could have been made my heart break a little. Thankfully, I had dredged up sufficient mental alertness to cook the apples and caramel properly before the second half cake-making fiasco, so that tasted good at least. I will certainly reattempt the recipe when I’m more awake and less pressed for time!


Blogger eatzycath said...

photo of cake still looks pretty good, and who hasn't had a baking mishap before? It makes the baking successes even more glorious!

8:57 PM  
Blogger The UnProfessional Chef said...

Thanks eatzycath! Despite the boo boo, we're down to our last slice - it's especially good with Cornish double cream ice cream :)

10:46 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

This sounds soo good! I love the photo

12:38 AM  
Blogger The UnProfessional Chef said...

Hi joe
Thanks for stopping by!

9:44 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

i recognise some of these scenarios only too well!

3:51 PM  
Blogger The UnProfessional Chef said...

Hi sam breach
Indeed - they happen far too often ;p

5:50 PM  

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